Thursday, 30 October 2008


I can't believe what a fantastic line up Vision has this year. Actually it is so many good speakers that it will be impossible to see them all because some talks are on at the same time. What a dilemma!! Just found out that Stuart Franklin will show his work from the book Footprint. I have just recently become familiar with this work through my research for the borders project. His work is about the environmental changes that Europe is facing. Looks really interesting but it seems that this talk will be on at the at the same time as Simon Robert's though, I can only hope that the schedule will change for the better. Simon Roberts and Simon Norfolk is a must, their work is truly inspirational. Jacob Aue Sobol and Sam Faulkner should be really good to see too. I'm so looking forward to this!


rafael sanchez said...

Hello Anna,

Unfortunately I will just be able to attend Simon Norfolk's lecture and miss the others because of my work.
Hope you enjoy the rest and maybe see you there for a chat about everything I am going to miss...

rhian clugston said...

i can't go at all, so please tell me all the best bits over a coffee sometime soon.