Monday, 24 November 2008

Missed exhibition

I found this postcard advertising an exhibition titled Borderspaces when visiting an exhibition at Photofusion. It ended Sunday so I missed it unfortunately. Did anybody else see it? Looking at the website it is nice to see that the theme has been interpreted in many different ways. Really gutted I didn't see it though, so many good photographers and it would have been interesting to see how it was put together in relation to what we are doing. Instead I just got myself wet and soggy down the coast with no good photographs!
However I did see Uta Kogelsberger's Bunker series which are fantastic to look at.


lizzie said...

I can see two of or tutors are in the exhibition !!

rhian clugston said...

didn't i make it to the edit then anna!?

i nearly went on sunday but the rain kept me in, but i had a look at the website. shame we didn't find out about it earlier. hope your weekend went well.