Thursday, 16 April 2009


Fairlight, East Sussex
The tide was out and the sky was bleak - finally I got some pictures.
I have been agonising for weeks over how to present this project, partly because I don't feel that it is finished and also because ideally in the non virtual if I were to present it, I would hang a set of large prints on the wall (probably only about six images) and use some of the affected peoples stories and comments together with facts. I still have no real solution to the presentation and have been playing around with different layouts for a pdf and have just discarded all of it... so it is fare to say that I'm going a bit crazy. I'm a very hesitant editor of my own work and at the same time a real control freak.


Silva said...

Funny that to document erosion you wait for the moment when the sea moves out of the way! :-)

Anna said...

Yes I agree, but that is when one can clearly see what the sea leaves behind:-)